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Reach Air Medical

You know my story and how many times I have been hospitalized.  I have been transported via helicopter so many times which have saved my life.

I am a proud supporter of Reach Air Medical.  When I was transported my mom could not traveled with me.  Now times have changed.  Reach Air Medical will come get you no matter where you are.  The best part about this is the cost.  No more enormous bills for air transporting.  For only $65.00 per year for the entire family, you will be able to be transported to whatever hospital that is needed and you will never have to be alone.  Here is the enrollment form that you will need to protect you and your family.  Remember the life you save could be your own.  


How It WorksYou're in an accident or need medical transport. Air evacuation is determined to be your fastest and safest option.REACH flies you to the nearest appropriate hospital.  #LivingWithAsthma

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