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Dear Family and Friends,


As you know I suffer from lung disease. Every year I join more than thousands of others from around the country in the Fight For Air Walks to raise money for the American Lung Association.


I am gathering donations and walking to help fight asthma, lung cancer, COPD and dozens of other lung diseases.


I am asking or your help. By making a contribution on my behalf, you will be helping not just me but the American Lung Association provide community based education programs, fight for cleaner air standards and fund life-saving research.


Asthma is the number one cause for school absenteeism and every day in this country at least 10 people die from an asthma attack, thus it is important that we provide disease management education to children when they are 8, 9 or 10 years old.


I was homeschooled as a result of the severity of my asthma.  Now obtaining my MBA, that would not have been possible without the research that was needed from the ALA.   Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death globally and is woefully underfunded when it comes to research, thus is essential that we generate the awareness needed to increase resources for advanced research projects.


I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. I did not get a chance to meet her. I have also lost a very close friend to lung cancer.


The average age for Americans to start a smoking habit is 14, thus it is critical that we get into the elementary schools and teach children about the dangers of tobacco use early.


My goal is to raise $10,000 for our cause.  Please go to my personal web page and make a $5, $10 or $20 gift.  All gifts are fully tax deductible as The American Lung Association is a 501(c)3 organization and is in fact one of the most recognized nationally for proper management of the resources entrusted them since they began in 1904.


You will receive a notice in the mail from me thanking you for your gift which you can then use for your tax filing next year. You may also make checks payable to Carey Poindexter, Fighting for Air and mail them to me at Post Office Box 890923 , Temecula , CA 92589.


Also check my website for other amazing ways you can assist me with Fighting For Air. Please take a deep breath….and be thankful that you can. Millions of others suffer from lung disease daily and your support makes the every day act of breathing that much easier for many people. Together we can fight lung disease successfully. 


100% of the proceeds are donated to the American Lung Association.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Tax Id # 94-0362650


Love, Carey



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